On Assessing Diversity…

K.Park/ August 1, 2021/ 4 comments

Question My question specifically, is “How can I assess/evaluate professional development and courses for diversity and inclusion?” Some initial thoughts… I was recently reviewing a course from a content provider to see if I wanted to integrate some of the work into my own teaching materials and an “ah-hah” moment came to me.  I looked at the materials to assess

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Including Campus in Technology Conversations

K.Park/ July 17, 2021/ 5 comments

Question How can coaches/EdTech admins effectively and fairly evaluate current and new digital learning tools that are purchased by their institutions? Introduction When it comes time to choose new technologies that impact teaching and learning, how does one decide which tool is best and who’s voices are included? I think about this often in my role as an EdTech administrator,

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Encouraging Students to Create Accessible Content with WebAIM’s WAVE Tool

K.Park/ May 28, 2021/ 1 comments

Question  How can educators inspire their students to create more accessible digital content by introducing a tool like WebAIM’s WAVE tool? Introduction The delivery of specific accommodations is usually the responsibility of the instructor and the institution.  Often, when framing conversations about accessibility, the conversation steers instructors towards doing certain types of accessible work in advance, so the need to

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Investigating Microsoft Insights and Learning Analytics

K.Park/ May 15, 2021/ 1 comments

Question  How does the use of learning analytics, like Microsoft Insights, impact student learning and care? Introduction The introduction of learning analytics in the classroom is complicated.  There is an aspect of care rooted in the belief that if I know what my students are doing and how they’re using the system, that I can know where to help them

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Creating a Knowledge Base in your Classroom with OneNote

K.Park/ May 1, 2021/ 1 comments

Question  Can and should educators use OneNote as a knowledge base?  Introduction Where do knowledge base (KB) systems fit into the classroom?  In my opinion, they’re a perfect fit to help supplement content in your learning management system (LMS), because they’re searchable and they help answer or point students to the necessary information.  Unlike an LMS, the content is presented

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Social Learning with Hypothes.is

K.Park/ April 17, 2021/ 5 comments

Introduction In online learning there are typically three types of regular interactions that instructional designers look for that work together to create opportunities for deeper learning as well as social connections that increase belonging and improve the overall climate of a course.  These interactions are Faculty to Student, Student to Content, and Student to Student.   In this post I want

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My Course Development Process

K.Park/ March 13, 2021/ 0 comments

Choosing a Course I had a difficult time identifying an appropriate project.  After talking with my supervisor, the first one that I thought of doing, wouldn’t have any assessments and would instead serve as an extended resource for new instructors. This type of course doesn’t seem to meet the requirements or needs of this course’s community project, so I decided

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Where’s the creativity in your ePortfolio?

K.Park/ March 7, 2021/ 1 comments

Question  The topic I want to explore this time is fostering creativity in design projects, like digital portfolios for all students. Introduction As I was reflecting on the ISTE Student Standards this past week, I have found myself wondering if I am creative and if so, how much?  Sometimes when I think about creativity, it’s the genius of someone like

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Hackathons Are for Everyone

K.Park/ February 20, 2021/ 0 comments

Question  My question for this post is: How does a hackathon help students tackle real world issues and design and develop solutions? I think answering this question will help us understand why students participate and why educators should create and encourage more students to participate in a hackathon. Introduction Hackathons are often associated with technology, but they’re really events that

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Avoiding the Bandwagon

K.Park/ February 6, 2021/ 1 comments

Question  How does mob mentality impact an individual’s ability to evaluate, curate, and interact with content shared on social media? Introduction Mob/herd mentality describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or purchase specific items. The desire to join in on this group or, at the very least, be recognized by the group, is

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