Closing the Digital Divide in the Classroom

K.Park/ November 7, 2021/ 4 comments

Question What teaching strategies can teachers adopt to help close the digital divide? Introduction A few years ago, I did a presentation on the digital divide and what technology access looks like in Seattle.  Since then, a pandemic began, which turned the internet and computers from important to essential.  Even prior to the pandemic, some of us may have considered

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Changing the Culture: Digital Transformation & Vision Statements

K.Park/ September 26, 2021/ 3 comments

Question What are the key elements needed for setting an effective vision for using technology? Introduction In all honesty, I do not usually set vision or mission statements for initiatives I work on.  I do have a vision of how I think of customer service and support that’s been refined over the years, but for technological directives I do not.

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