Is a survey good enough?

K.Park/ January 23, 2022/ 1 comments

Question What resources can educators/administrators use to design professional development that responds to their institution’s needs, when surveys don’t collect enough data or aren’t reliable enough to provide the necessary data?  Introduction One of the challenges that I’ve had in my current position has been identifying the needs of the faculty I work with to create meaningful professional development opportunities. 

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Creating a Knowledge Base in your Classroom with OneNote

K.Park/ May 1, 2021/ 1 comments

Question  Can and should educators use OneNote as a knowledge base?  Introduction Where do knowledge base (KB) systems fit into the classroom?  In my opinion, they’re a perfect fit to help supplement content in your learning management system (LMS), because they’re searchable and they help answer or point students to the necessary information.  Unlike an LMS, the content is presented

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