Is a survey good enough?

K.Park/ January 23, 2022/ 1 comments

Question What resources can educators/administrators use to design professional development that responds to their institution’s needs, when surveys don’t collect enough data or aren’t reliable enough to provide the necessary data?  Introduction One of the challenges that I’ve had in my current position has been identifying the needs of the faculty I work with to create meaningful professional development opportunities. 

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The complexities of building trust

K.Park/ October 24, 2021/ 5 comments

Question What are the most effective strategies for building trust? Introduction One thing I quickly learned when I worked as a systems analyst, solving technical issues, is that a relationship and trust are crucial to being seen as a partner who’s invested in the issue at hand.  Regardless of if the person is a colleague, or someone on the opposite

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Student Centric Professional Development

K.Park/ August 24, 2021/ 0 comments

For my Community Engagement Project I decided to focus on doing a conference submission that showed how we revamped our professional development due to both the pandemic and our experience working with our colleagues to develop a fully online version of a face-to-face graduate program. A lot of what we learned by working through that process and from when we

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Low Touch Tools to Support Instructors

K.Park/ August 14, 2021/ 3 comments

Question My question specifically, is “what are some effective low-touch strategies to support instructors, when you have a small team.” Introduction Due to my business administration and IT background, I find that coaching overlaps a lot with customer service.  When I think of coaching, I think of high touch one to one or within a small group of learners, like

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