Social Learning with

K.Park/ April 17, 2021/ 5 comments

Introduction In online learning there are typically three types of regular interactions that instructional designers look for that work together to create opportunities for deeper learning as well as social connections that increase belonging and improve the overall climate of a course.  These interactions are Faculty to Student, Student to Content, and Student to Student.   In this post I want

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My Course Development Process

K.Park/ March 13, 2021/ 0 comments

Choosing a Course I had a difficult time identifying an appropriate project.  After talking with my supervisor, the first one that I thought of doing, wouldn’t have any assessments and would instead serve as an extended resource for new instructors. This type of course doesn’t seem to meet the requirements or needs of this course’s community project, so I decided

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Assistive Technology Empowers All Learners

K.Park/ January 23, 2021/ 0 comments

Question  My question for this module is How do assistive technologies, used for specific accommodations, empower all learners? Introduction Accommodations in higher education can be challenging to navigate.  On one school’s disability support website, it indicates that “To receive assistance, students must have diagnostic documentation according to documentation guidelines. This documentation should explain the nature and extent of the disability,

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Creating a more Inclusive Online Classroom

K.Park/ September 27, 2020/ 0 comments

Question So I arrived at question: Am I creating a welcoming space in my online classroom? And How do I know if I am doing that? Some of the related questions that might help answer that, that I could think of are:   Can the student participate in all areas of the course with the device of their choosing? How

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