Investigating Microsoft Insights and Learning Analytics

K.Park/ May 15, 2021/ 1 comments

Question  How does the use of learning analytics, like Microsoft Insights, impact student learning and care? Introduction The introduction of learning analytics in the classroom is complicated.  There is an aspect of care rooted in the belief that if I know what my students are doing and how they’re using the system, that I can know where to help them

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Empowering Instructors and Students: Learning Data

K.Park/ October 11, 2020/ 0 comments

Privacy in the Classroom is Complicated Question The question I decided to explore this time is: As a systems administrator in an EdTech Office, I have a unique perspective on security and technology in the classroom. What are ways that I can improve and empower instructors (and others I interact with) to help them understand and examine the security and

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