Where’s the creativity in your ePortfolio?

K.Park/ March 7, 2021/ 1 comments

ISTE Student Standard 6 Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals. 6a – Students choose the appropriate platforms and tools for meeting the desired objectives of their creation or communication. 6b – Students create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital

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Hackathons Are for Everyone

K.Park/ February 20, 2021/ 0 comments

ISTE Student Standard 4  What are ways in which students can use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions?  4a –  Know and use a deliberate design process for generating ideas, testing theories, creating innovative artifacts or solving authentic problems 4b – Select and use digital tools

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