Change Agent

Coaches inspire educators and leaders to use technology to create equitable and ongoing access to high-quality learning. 


I don’t associate myself with the term change agent because when I hear the term, I think of someone who greatly inspires others. Someone like the CEO of a company or some who has changed the course of history.  I don’t think of myself this way because for me, I’ve always thought about this aspect as “just doing my job.”  It wasn’t until I started the Digital Education Leadership program that I started thinking about what it means to be a change agent and whether I could be considered one too.  

My time in the DEL program provide ample opportunities for me to reflect on the concept of being a change agent.  Below you will find evidence, spread across five different subsections (indicators) of how I believe I can be and am a change agent where I work.

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ISTE Standards: Coaches. Pulled April, 2022.