How “active” are my active learning activities?

K.Park/ March 5, 2022/ 2 comments

Question What are some effective active learning activities for asynchronous professional development? Introduction Many professional development sessions I have participated in utilize a synchronous component to tie the content together. As I’ve started to think about onboarding for new employees on my new team, I’ve realized that it’s not possible to have a synchronous session.  Employees will join at many

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HIPS x Digital Transformation

K.Park/ February 19, 2022/ 2 comments

Question What should High Impact Practices with Technology look like in higher education? Introduction The concept of High Impact Practices also known as HIPS in higher education is still new to me. I first heard about them when one of my colleagues brought up how our area could support them, but even then, the support HIPS where I work haven’t

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Affirming your Colleagues with Meaningful Feedback

K.Park/ February 2, 2022/ 2 comments

Question:  What can and should meaningful feedback look like in terms of collegiality and peer review? Introduction One of the things I’ve been contemplating lately is the idea of “meaningful feedback.”  What constitutes as meaningful feedback and who gets to decide whether the feedback given or received is meaningful?  What is meaningful feedback supposed to look like from my perspective

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Is a survey good enough?

K.Park/ January 23, 2022/ 1 comments

Question What resources can educators/administrators use to design professional development that responds to their institution’s needs, when surveys don’t collect enough data or aren’t reliable enough to provide the necessary data?  Introduction One of the challenges that I’ve had in my current position has been identifying the needs of the faculty I work with to create meaningful professional development opportunities. 

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